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Advertising Information

We’d love to feature your messages about your business, products, and services, on this radio station and perhaps on our two sister stations too.

Ask yourself this question – “If I get just one more customer, how much is that worth to me?”.  Especially if your customers are likely to become repeat customers for a long time, each new customer is probably worth a massive amount more to you than the cost to bring them in to your business in radio advertising.

We offer very modest rates – depending on advertisement length and time of day and the number of advertisements you buy, you can be paying as little as $5 each for advertisements.

We also offer you a number of different ways to get your message to your customers and prospective new customers.  In addition to “normal” ads we can have our announcers doing “ad-lib live reads”, and we can offer you a wide range of different program elements which you can sponsor (for example local and national news bulletins, weather reports, and community calendar announcements).  We’ll discuss your needs and then create the advertising for you, usually at no extra charge (assuming you’re buying an appropriate amount of advertisements).

Our advertising can also be immediate.  In a rush, we can get your ads produced and on the air within a business day, and in a super-rush, we can maybe even reduce that down to just a few hours.  If something suddenly changes with your business, or if you need an extra “push” to bring people in the door, we can help.

Our three stations, with large overlapping areas of coverage, mean that you reach more parts of the total public within our areas, when you choose to advertise with us (see map, below).

Give us a call today and have us prepare a customized proposal for you and your business.


Average Coverage Areas for Our Three Stations