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What Year and City did you get your start in Radio? Since 1997, I started on a 1-watt college radio station. I have worked in markets all over the place including Miami, West Palm, and Cape Cod, Vermont.

What are three hobbies you have?  I love going to the beach and pool, walking and exercising and shopping of course!

Where is your hometown?  Originally from Massachusetts, but claim Miami now!

How would your family and friends describe your personality?  Silly, Witty, Strong-willed, Big-hearted, loving, fun and thorough.

Who is your favorite superhero?  I am not sure I have a favorite however my son is obsessed with Black and Red Spiderman AKA Miles Morales and now he says you have to call me Miles, even though his name is Antoine, so by default I would say Spiderman!

One more thing about me?  I am a Professor of Communication at Florida International University when I am not on the radio!